Our Mission 

Bringing together loved ones while offering old, new, and most importantly, talented collections and brands, to make our customers, vendors and everyone in our family feel at home.
We wish to bridge the gap between you and your loved ones by making distance irrelevant. How? Simply by bringing together your two favourites, brands and loved ones. Our platform aims to provide a one-stop shopping experience wherein, all your loved ones can shop together LIVE! We enable our CC family to create groups, form common Wishlists, and literally shop 'distantly together', thereby make your online shopping experience more personalised than ever. 
Our aspiration is to create a revolutionising online shopping platform filled with excitement, friends and trends. Moreover, you get to find your favourite brands, however, we offer an extra mile. Being three ambitious individuals ourself, we strive to include every individual, team and spirit with similar zest as a part of our family. We believe that young talent is the future of tomorrow and therefore, you wont just find established brands you've always loved, but also the craft of the brightest minds with visionary art.


Reflecting on the globalised age, we are just three friends with the passion to transform. Especially through the lockdown of Covid-19, while the world was probably missing the feeling of visiting the mall with friends and families, we hoped to find solutions and promote togetherness regardless of the physical distance. It is arguably the digital business age wherein, the platform of online shopping is rapidly gaining popularity. However, it lacked the personal touch of doing the same with other avid shoppers. 
As a result, we plunged into the journey of creating a holistic shopping platform wherein, fashion is in your pocket! Furthermore, we aspire to provide a platform to budding talents whether they are fashion graduates or just individuals with the knack of styling. We believe the world is missing out on some of the next big fashionistas and this is our way of giving them a chance. 


We bring to you the most revolutionising online shopping experience, wherein distance is no more a barrier. In this globalised world, where you may find yourself missing the shopping experience with friends and family who live far away, we aim to bridge the gap like never before. 
  • Add your friends, families, girlfriends and boyfriends in various groups
  • LIVE shopping: follow your friends' cursor and see the pages and products they are looking at in real time!
  • have them comment, like, dislike the variety of trend-setting clothes in your wardrobe 
  • Share a common Wishlist with group members
  • we bring to you a mall in your pocket, except its even better now since you get to be in the mall with whoever you like regardless of the distance


                    KARTIKA AHUJA                                                                   KARTIK ANAND                                                            DIKSHITA KHULLAR